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2 minute idiot proof creme brûlée

So the challenge with creme brûlée is that it is best when it isn’t fully set, but how do you know for sure if it will be until it’s too late?

The answer is… Don’t bake it.

You can make your own custard for this, but it’s even simpler if you buy ready made thick custard. Fill the appropriate number of ramekins and sprinkle turbinado / Demerara sugar on top. If you don’t have the iron for this, you will need a small blow torch. Apply a thin coat over the custard. Don’t be tempted to put a very thick layer as you won’t be able to caramelise the entire thickness. Burn the sugar until it has liquified.

Return the ramekins to the fridge and serve cold.

Could it be any easier?


Tarte aux framboises et chocolat blanc

I was going to serve just berries as dessert.
I’ve decided that I want something more romantic/special for tonight.


I’ve upgraded fresh raspberries into a white chocolate and raspberry tart.

This took less than 10 minutes to prepare – because I always have cake cases in stock. If you live in Scotland, you can get them for two quid at your local farm shop (the one I go to is Dobbies at Braehead).

In a double boiler, I melted some white chocolate with the juice of half an orange and some finely chopped orange zest. I spread this on the cake base and then arranged the fresh berries. Et voilà. 🙂