La Vallee Blanche

We’ve walked past this restaurant many times and how we regret that oversight now that we’ve been inside!

We arrived in time for their pre-theatre menu and that’s what we had. It started with a smoked salmon amuse-bouche that immediately charmed us.

I had a delectable chicken and rabbit pot with a small salad to start, my partner had the carrot, honey, and cumin soup. Both were gorgeous.

He had the guinea fowl for a main. it was juicy and perfectly cooked, but the Chantenay carrots and potato mash served with a gorgeous sauce stole the show.

I had my usual favourite: the fillet steak -frites (which incurred a slight surcharge, which is fair). The steak was served cooked exactly as I like it, and topped with a lovely seasoned butter. Chips were crisp and lovely and hid a treasure of a tomato and mushroom.

For dessert, we both opted for the anise creme brulee with shortbread. The first spoonful was an explosion of creamy anise – but by the last bit, that had softened into a light nuance.

My partner opted for coffee and we shared the petits fours that were brought to round out the meal: a truffle, a lemon and almond cake, fudge, and a peanut cookie.

Service was impeccable and it was clear that there are regulars – a charmed group we intend to join. All of the staff were attentive and if any of them spotted something (a glass needing refilling, or a plate needing cleared) they attended to it immediately and without fuss. The teamwork and general sense that they all really enjoy the work they do and the high standards they meet was prevalent.
This was worth every penny and we fully plan on returning soon to discover their a-la-carte menu. Highly recommend.

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