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Special Strawberry Cordial

This is a favorite of mine – the perfect way of capturing summer in a bottle.  It’s a mix of strawberries, lemon, ginger, and vanilla – and a lot of sugar.

Ingredients (makes about 1/2 liter of cordial and 1/2 cups jam)

  • 750g ripe strawberries – washed, culled, and sliced.
  • 1 lemon – slice.
  • a generous glug of good vanilla extract.
  • a large piece of fresh ginger.
  • 500g  white sugar.

In a clean pitcher, put the strawberries and roughly slivered ginger.   Squeeze the lemon slices and add to the pitcher.   Pour all of the sugar on top.

Place in fridge for 12-24 hours.

Drain off the liquid into a clean, pretty bottle that has a good cap/seal.  This is your cordial – serve it over ice and mixed with club soda.

Pour the strawberries into a pot.  If there is any sugar left in the pitcher, add a bit of water and add to the pot.  Bring to a quick boil and remove the strawberry to a jar.  Reduce the syrup by half.  Remove the lemon and ginger and pour the thicker syrup over the strawberries.  Store this in the fridge and serve over ice-cream or yogurt.



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