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Champignons à la Grecque

Why not just Greek-style mushrooms?  Because I’m pretty sure that this recipe is actually French, though inspired by Greek food.

Prepare your mushrooms (button mushrooms work best whole, but bigger mushrooms may need to be cut up. )

In a pan over high heat, cover the bottom with a layer of olive oil and add 4-5 bay leaves, some thyme, and 4-5 juniper berries.   Add your mushrooms and the juice of one lemon or one lime and stir for a few moments until the mushrooms start rendering their water.

Cook over a medium heat until the liquid has reduced by 1/3.


Serve cold on croutons.

(or use to make crostada – that’s lovely too!)


“Sun-dried” tomatoes

The first thing I’ve done is take out a big roasting dish.

Tomatoes - prep for drying

Tomatoes ready for drying

I quartered enough tomatoes to cover the bottom.

Then I added a bit of salt to really pull out the water.

They’ve gone into the oven at the lowest setting (50C)  at a low setting (100c) for for an hour or an hour and half.   I’ll check on them later and take them out when they look right.

Once they’ve cooled, I’ll chop up some herbs from the garden (I have loads of lovely looking thyme, bay leaves, and rosemary but use your favourites.) and add some of the garlic I roasted at the same time as the tomatoes.  The cheat here is to use dried herbs (like an Italian herb mix) and powdered garlic.

I’ve packed it all in a single jar and then topped up with some good olive oil.

If I have too many for the jar I’ve picked, I’ll just make tomato pesto with what’s left over.   I might still make some pesto… but I only got this one small jar out of the tray.  (except for maybe 4 pieces that went into last night’s scallop and prawn risotto)

By the way, that olive oil will be gorgeous once the tomatoes and herbs have flavoured it.   Don’t just throw it away once you’ve used the tomatoes, if you don’t add it to dishes.    It’ll make a great addition to a vinaigrette dressing.