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Fresh and tasty dinner

So Des has been away in London for a few days now.   He’ll be back tomorrow night, so this is my last chance to have the kind of dinners he doesn’t like.

I’m having an enormous salad.

It’s got:

  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • An orange
  • Half a dozen strawberries
  • A handful of cooked and peeled prawns
  • And some fresh buffalo mozzarella.

The dressing is very simple too.   I skipped the mustard because I really just want to enjoy the flavours of the the various ingredients.  So all I’ve done is mix:

  • Strawberry balsamic vinegar (that I picked up recently and is just gorgeous!)
  • Vegetable bouillon powder (instead of salt)
  • Cracked black pepper
  • a drizzle of my finest Spanish olive oil.

It’s a perfect meal for one – in as much as I wouldn’t want to share 🙂


Orange & Dill Seabass with thai potato cakes

Lemon and fish is a classic combination – but sometimes I prefer to use another, sweeter citrus fruit with my fish.

Tonight, I’ve simply taken a whole sea-bass (the other two I’ve frozen), and placed it on a sheet of foil with a knob of butter, some salt, the juice of an orange, and a generous teaspoon of chopped fresh (well, frozen) dill.   Crimp the edges of the foil to create a sealed packet, pop onto an oven proof dish (as protection from leaks!) and put into a hot oven. [sorry, no temperature here, I’ve turned the dial to six o’clock on my oven – but it’s a very temperamental fan assisted one so your guess is as good as mine]

When I was baking this morning, I popped some potatoes and a sweet potato into the oven at the same time.    I’ve taken equal amounts of sweet potato and regular potato; puree them with an egg and a dollop of Green Thai curry paste.

Mix in a handful of fresh bread crumbs then using a large spoon, scoop out  balls of the mix and roll in more bread crumbs.    They’d probably be tastier deep fried but I don’t deep fry anything.   I’ve popped them in the same oven that the fish is in.    I’ll turn them over after about 15 minutes and let them cook another 20 for good measure.

Instead, I’ve put them in a well oiled oven proof dish and I’m baking them.

Forgot to take a picture – but I had the potato cakes with sweet chili sauce.  Somewhat overdid the fish (it fell apart as I was serving) – but that’s the way I like my fish.

Saffron risotto with prawns and scallops

(For the bouillon, I used an infusion of a bouquet garni for fish – which has some fennel in it.   You could use fish or vegetable stock as well).

Heat a pan and add:

a knob of butter,

the juice of a 1/2  lemon

a generous pinch of saffron

Once the butter is melted, add the scallops (and prawns if using raw) and cook until slightly under done.  Set aside.

Add the rice to the pan and stir until translucent.

Add some dried tomatoes and a single red chili.

Gradually add the bouillon, 1/4 cup at a time, adding only as it is absorbed.

With the last 1/4 cup of bouillon, add a generous tablespoon of creme fraiche and a large portion of chopped fresh baby spinach.

Mix the scallops and prawns back in, stir and allow everything to warm through.

You can also grate a bit of Parmesan in at this point (I didn’t have any handy but used a lovely Pecorino Tartufo which worked a treat!)

Add freshly cracked black pepper.

Serve immediately.