Measuring and Honesty

By now you may have noticed that I’m not big on measuring.

There’s a reason for that – I honestly don’t measure if I think there’s a glimmer of hope that I can get away with it and have my recipe turn out.    My boyfriend calls it seat-of-my-pants cooking but I like the challenge of balancing ingredients until something appears on my plate that’s just “right”.

The whole point of cooking, for me, is to adapt food precisely to my taste – in that moment.    Some days I want mild and subtle – other days I want supper to come up and bitch-slap us with flavour.    I am trying to share the pleasure of this approach, not stick you in the cooking equivalent of a full body cast.  Besides, you may be cooking for more people or pickier eaters, or dealing with food allergies or diabetes… so you’ll need to adjust anyways.

What I promise to do is be honest.   Sometimes I experiment and it goes wrong.   When that happens, I’ll tell you about it.   And when things go right, but that I can see where I’d sometimes like to do something similar but different, I’ll tell you that too – and how I’d go about making that happen.

I’ve had a few culinary disasters in my time.   The world didn’t come to a grinding halt over it.   I’ve also had things go horribly, horribly wrong… and yet come out great (if completely different from my original intention!).




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