What do the words vanilla and saffron evoke?

For many people, vanilla is a default, boring flavour.   A scoop of commercialvanilla ice-cream can be a disappointment.   Vanilla biscuits can be insipid and barely worth the effort of opening the pack.

And yet… vanilla can bring a richness to a dessert that no other ingredient can match.   It offers the same intensity as chocolate, without the heaviness that so often comes with cocoa butter (don’t get me wrong, I use chocolate too!).

Saffron seems inextricably linked to paella for some.    And yet it can add an exotic hint to sweet or savoury dishes.   It is gorgeous with fish, certainly.   But it can also bring colour and depth of flavour to a jam.

And so this blog is called Vanilla and Saffron.   From here, I will share with you my exploration of food and cooking.    Like many of you, I am struggling to make economically and environmentally sustainable meals for my family, without compromising on taste.

For me, food is about sharing and experimenting.    I hope that you will enjoy this journey, and that you will try (and refine) some of the recipes that I share with you.



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