Jambon Chablisienne

Tonight, it’s cool and I’m in the mood for something very quick, very simple… and that comes under the heading of comfort food.

This is it.

For each person you will need 3 slices of thick-cut ham (get it cut at the deli counter and don’t use a smoked ham.)  Get the leanest you can find.   I used slices that were about .5 cm thick.

In a bowl, mix some tomato paste (just enough to pinken the cream) , creme fraiche, and splash of a decent Chablis wine.   Your taste may differ so adjust accordingly.

Roll up the slices of ham and place in a dish such that they are snug against each other.   This will ensure that the centre of the roll is open and that the sauce can flow in there too.

Pour the sauce over the ham to cover.   Top with shredded  strong matured Gruyère (I used a 14-month aged one that worked a treat).  Place in a hot oven until the cheese melts and browns.

Serve over plain white boiled rice.   You don’t need salt or butter in your rice as it will absorb that from the sauce (which has the fat and salt from the ham and cheese)


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