Sort of Tiramisu

Sorry for the lack of posts – we’ve been eating out a lot this past week.

Tonight though, we are dining in and I’m in the mood for something sweet to finish off… so:

  • 2 stale brioche, ripped into smallish pieces.
  • A double shot of Tia Maria (or whatever I’ll have handy when I get home).
  • A small cup of strong coffee.
  • A dusting of chocolate
  • Vanilla ice cream (softened) or mascarpone whipped with vanilla.

Mix the coffee and liquor in a bowl and add the brioche.

Once the brioche is saturated, spoon up some of the mixture into individual ramekins.   Layer on some of the icecream or mascarpone.  continue until you’ve used up the brioche, finish with a layer of the ice cream.

dust with chocolate.   Return to freezer for 10 minutes.



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