Quick lunch

I’m working from home today and tomorrow so I need a quick light lunch that won’t keep me in the kitchen long enough to be inspired (I don’t have time!).

This is where the weekend cooking pays off big dividends.   Today’s lunch is a 2 minute prep that’s bursting with flavour and nutrients.

I cut a whole wheat pita in half and toasted it.

Allowed it to cool (I want the crunch, not the heat of toasting).

Spread about a tablespoon of mascarpone cheese on each half and then topped one with some of the gorgeous dried tomatoes I made on Saturday and the other with the mushrooms I made last night.    Delicious!

All served with a nice cold glass of cranberry juice.


  • Mascarpone is a lower fat choice than butter, mayo, or oil.   I try to always have a tub of it in the fridge as a base for sandwiches and the like.

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